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Blog Review #2

In today’s fast-paced world, we juggle hectic lifestyles and irregular schedules, which completely turn our lives haywire. That is exactly what happened to me – before I realized what was happening, I was buried in unpaid bills and my bank account was in dire straits. A friend told me about the concept of “natural state of abundance” and the Wealth Compass program, and how it could help me land on my feet. I was skeptical, but once I tried it, the benefits were significant and allowed me to make much-needed changes in life. 

Finding my natural abundance

I hated history in school. From early on, my history grades were always the worst. On the other hand I loved to read, so I did well in his English classes and loved classic literature. I couldn’t tell you details about World War I, but I could remember a historical fact if it interested me. That is when I realized, that if I am interested in a particular subject, then my mental abilities are automatically engaged. The key to my abundance lies in my interests!

Trying not to attract scarcity

If your nature is a begrudging one and you are convinced that you are doomed to a life of scarcity guess what you will attract? You will attract only more scarcity with a side helping of doom and gloom. I made this mistake and learned the hard way! Who would you want to work with or spend your money with, the person that is cheerful and thinks abundantly or the person that thinks there isn’t enough to go around spreads doom and gloom and barks at anyone that suggests the sun might shine?

How to find abundance?

I looked for my abundance by starting with interests and hobbies. For instance, you could make a very good living mining your desire to assist people by helping them find the exact thing they are looking for through sales. Let Wealth Compass guide you on how to “live abundantly” and thus attract abundance. It is important to believe in an abundant universe as it paves the way forward.

After Wealth Compass, I sincerely believe there is no scarcity in the universe, and that it only exists in our thinking, which in turn creates scarcity in our personal wealth. I realized that I have to change my thinking, which would affect actions, and consequently bring about desired results – thankfully I did and I am happier and more financially secure at the same time.

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