One of the most important aspects of having a child in the entertainment industry is ALLOWING them to be a KID!  They must have FUN, they must ENJOY and there should NOT be too much pressure on the child to book every job because that isn’t going to happen!  Make sure they have a life outside auditioning!  Kids that play sports or get involved in community activities or play musical instruments are more relaxed and handle the auditioning process better.  You don’t want them to put so much pressure on one project, kids feel better knowing “ok I didn’t get this commercial but I can’t worry about it because I’m going to my art class and I’m going to have fun!”

I’ll give you an example, my daughter Brianna, who has successfully booked 5 commercials and 2 Feature films wouldn’t stress out over missed jobs.  I curiously one day asked her how she does it and she replied “Well mom, I look at every audition as the job and I do my best and I feel successful and if I do book the job then that’s extra!”  A very grown up approach to acting but it is because she is a involved in taekwondo and plays softball and has a full life outside acting.  So make sure your kids get to be kids! 🙂

Commercials are a great way to break into the entertainment industry and a great way to make money but there is a technique to doing them and booking them!  The difference in Modeling and Commercial acting is Commercials for the most part are about being YOU!  You have to have a likability and marketability to yourself to book jobs.  In commercials you have to remember you are selling things to the public and you have to relate to people.  I’ve met many “Actors & Models” that say commercial acting is a waste, well I beg to differ.  I shot a commercial for Circuit City and the director was Zack Snyder of 300, Watchman and Sucker Punch.  Feature Film director Tony Scott also shot my Miller Beer commercials so you can say you can make great contacts and great money doing commercials!

My biggest NO NO’s *makeup on kids…ABSOLUTELY NEVER! *Dressing kids like they are Older than they are or too bedazzled and done up (sparkly head bands, colored hair pieces and pageant looking are huge DON’TS (unless casting has specified)

*Undisciplined kids… Make sure your kids knows who is the boss when they enter the room and be respectful!

*Most importantly, kids go into the room being KIDS….Don’t act like a teenager when your 6 or an adult when you are 12….Be yourself and act your age! 🙂

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