Life Coach & Motivational Speaker!

I’m a Life Coach. I’m Certified in NLP training & with over 36 years of real life experience! I’m a Canadian Born American Indian 🍁 | Potawatomi Tribe 🌾 | Life Coach 🎭🌿 Actor | Model | Comedian | Herbalist | Nutritionist | 🎬 From the age of 17, I embarked on an extraordinary journeyContinue reading “Life Coach & Motivational Speaker!”


One of the most important aspects of having a child in the entertainment industry is ALLOWING them to be a KID!  They must have FUN, they must ENJOY and there should NOT be too much pressure on the child to book every job because that isn’t going to happen!  Make sure they have a lifeContinue reading “CHILD ACTOR ETIQUETTE”

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